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MyOwn Skin™

“MyOwn Skin™️ is not presently available for sale. It has been submitted to the FDA for a BLA (Biologics License Application). FDA rules require that the product be withdrawn from the market during the application process. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to be notified of any updates to the status of this application, please fill out the contact us form.”

A True Revolution in Grafting

MyOwn Skin™

MyOwn Skin™ is a unique biological technology, that is a painless, non-surgical procedure which leverages a small sample of a patient’s own skin (1×1 cm), a few vials of the patient’s blood, to produce as much as three 4-inch x 4-inch sheets (300 cm2) of a patient’s own skin in as little as 7 days.

Product Benefits

MyOwn Skin™ is non-Invasive. There is no Operating room required and no secondary wound. Very low rejection rate as it is grown from the patient themselves and is 100% autologous. Painless, non-surgical, which results in improved recovery time. Intended for plastic surgery, trauma, 3rd Degree burns, ulcerations, scaffolding, cancerous skin replacement, mastectomies,  C-sections, non-healing diabetic ulcers, and more.

MyOwn Skin Study #1        MyOwn Skin Study #2

Product Reimbursement

MyOwn Skin™ is classified as a skin graft and is reimbursed under its own   Q-Code. MyOwn Skin™ can be grown in a variety sizes, depending on the patient’s needs. Simply determine what is needed and in a week the product will be back in the practice ready to be applied.

MOH's Patient Example

Example of a 70-year-old man after 30 days.

Large Deep Wound

4-year-old girl, pressure wound from cast, 60 days total healing time.

Burns and Large Coverage

1-year-old child with burns, less than two months from picture 1 to picture 3.

MOHS Patient Testimonial Video

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